Darlene Porter

“I had thought that when I got involved with looking at properties to help my son out that it would be an inquiry. We were a family facing a hard and difficult time with my husband having to have open heart surgery. Timing was crazy but the house and agent were perfect. Without his willingness to go the extra mile to service this adventure, I would have simply walked away. Cesar drove to Kaiser Sunset to make sure I could sign needed documents, and accompanied my son to do the home inspection when I couldn’t be there. He literally made it possible for me to be able to purchase this home. We shared some nice moments and some fun stories to boot. GREAT GUY! He showed nice support of my husband, who by the way is making a good recovery and my kids are so happy in this home. I look upon this home buying experience with good and fond memories. Kudos Cesar, for a job well done.”